Creativity Isn't Special

The word “creativity” gets thrown around a lot these days in reference to the artistic realm: designers, writers, artists, dancers, lyricists, painters. The list is long for the typical role that gets the creative tag, but short for pretty much everyone else.

Here’s a little secret: creativity isn’t special. It isn’t handed out at birth to a select few, or bestowed upon the ones who prove their worth. If you’re a human being, you’re a creative being.

We, ourselves, were created (by whom or what, does not matter), and we create everything in our world. We don’t have to be gifted in “the arts” to appreciate the innate human capacity for creativity — for building, for sharing our gifts, for imagining and making something that didn’t previously exist. Every single one of us has the capacity for creativity; it’s just that we are often educated out of it. We are taught to doubt ourselves, to strive for perfection (an illusion if there ever was one), and to be practical/rational/logical/there-is-no-time-for-daydreams-and-visions thinking.

One might create a car engine. A meal from scratch. A new budgeting system. A handmade birthday gift. A song to hum to themselves. It doesn’t matter what it is, or what it is “for”. The glorious news here is that you don’t need a reason to exercise your creative bone (and yes, everyone has at least on in their body), and you don’t need to give it a job. Whatever you create just is, and whether it happens to fulfill you on a soul level, or earn you money, or simply be kept for your sole enjoyment, all of it is acceptable and wonderful, simply because YOU participated in its creation.